First International Course-Workshop on Brain Monitoring and Drug Infusions. “A look towards the future of anesthesia”

Date: 9-12 March 2020.

Headquarters:  Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad, Calle 7 Num. 433 by 20 and 22 Fraccionamiento Altabrisa in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.


Course Director:

Dr. Marusa Naranjo, Clínica Mérida, Mexico

Scientific Coordinator:

Dr. Hernán Boveri, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dr. Emery Brown, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Dr. Hans de Boer, Martini General Hospital, The Netherlands

Dr. Patrick Purdon, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

Dr. Adrian Gelb, University of California, USA

Dr. Frank Engbers, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands

Dr. Stefan Schraag, Golden Jubilee National Hospital, United Kingdom

Dr. Francisco Lobo, Hamad General Hospital, Qatar

Dr. Ernesto Martínez García, Hospital Infantil Universitario Niño Jesús, Spain.

Dr. Pablo Sepúlveda, Clínica Alemana, Chile

Dr. Ignacio Cortínez, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

Dr. Heberto Muñoz-Cuevas, Hospital General de México, Mexico

Dr. Marusa Naranjo, Clínica Mérida, Mexico

Dr. Hernán Boveri, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Course value: USD 790

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1st International Course-Workshop on Brain Monitoring and Drug Infusions

“A look toward the future of anesthesia”

9 – 12 December 2020

Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad, Calle 7 Núm. 433 por 20 y 22 Fraccionamiento Altabrisa, Mérida, Yucatán, México.


Dr. Emery Brown (USA)

Dr. Patrick Purdon (USA)

Dr. Adrian Gelb (USA)

Dr. Hans de Boer (Países Bajos)

Dr. Frank Engbers (Países Bajos)

Dr. Stefan Schraag (Reino Unido)

Dr. Francisco Lobo (Qatar)

Dr. Ernesto Martínez-García (España)

Dr. Pablo Spúlveda (Chile)

Dr. Ignacio Cortínez (Chile)

Dr. Heberto Muñoz-Cuevas (México)

Dr. Marusa Naranjo (México)

Dr. Hernán Boveri (Argentina)


Session 1: Pharmacology

Registration: 7:00 – 8:15

08:20-08:30  Opening and Welcome. Dr. Naranjo

08:30-08:55  Anesthesia for the future: The future is now Dr. Boveri

09:00-09:25  Critical view of the effect site modelling of propofol. Dr. Sepúlveda

09:30-09:55  Adjuvant drugs in Multimodal General Anesthesia : Ketamine, Lidocaine, Dexmedetomidine. Dr. Naranjo

10:00-10:25  Fentanyl and Remifentanil.  Dr. Cortínez

10:30-11:00  Muscle relaxants drugs: monitoring and reversal agent. Dr. Muñoz-Cuevas

11:00-11:30 Panel and audience discussion

11:30-12:30 Coffee break & trade exhibition

Session 2: TCI & PK/PD models

12:30-12:55  Anomalies in Target-Controlled Infusion. Dr. Engbers

13:00-13:25  Devices and evolution of TIVA-TCI. Where are we heading? Dr. Cortínez

13:30-13:55  TCI challenges: procedural sedation. Dr. Schraag

14:00-14:25  PK/PD simulators: TIVAtrainer X. Dr. Engbers

14:30-15:00  TCI and titration of consciousness. Dr. Sepúlveda

15:00-15:30 Panel and audience discussion

Session 3: Brain function monitoring

08:00-08:25  Why monitor the brain? Dr. Lobo

08:30-08:55 Are general anesthetics neuroprotective or neurotoxic? Dr. Lobo

09:00-09:30  Neuroanatomy and neurological examination for the anesthesiologist. Dr. Brown

09:35-10:05  Electrophysiology of the electroencephalogram. Dr. Purdon

10:10-10:35  EEG signatures as a function of age and more. Dr. Brown

10:40-11:10  EEG signatures of multiple anesthetics. Additional EEG signatures. Dr. Brown

11:15-11:45  Cerebral oximetry: a complement of EEG monitoring. Dr. Gelb

11:45-12:00 Panel and audience discussion

12:00-12:45 Coffee break & trade exhibition

Session 4: From pain to surgical stress: a paradigm shift

12:45-13:10  Surgical stress during anesthesia: friend or foe? Dr. Boveri

13:15-13:55  ERAS protocol and the control of ANS response. Dr. de Boer

14:00-14:40  ANI monitor: Are we measuring pain or surgical stress? Dr. Martínez

14:45-15:25  Multimodal General Anesthesia: Theory and Practice. Dr. Brown & Naranjo

15:25-15:45  Panel & audience discussion

Session 5: Workshops

08:30-09:20  EEG and spectrogram (Purdon, Brown)

09:30-10:20  Cerebral Oximetry (Lobo, Gelb, Sepúlveda)

10:30-11:20  Measuring of Sympathetic-Parasympathetic balance (de Boer, Martínez, Navarrete)

11:30-12:20  Clinical cases with simulator (Naranjo, Cervantes)

12:30-13:20  PK/PD simulator (Boveri, Engbers, Schraag)

13:20-14:30  TIVA TCI Pumps (Muñoz, Cortínez, TIVAméxico)

14:30-15:00  Closing of the course & cocktail

Participants will receive a digital attendance certificate.

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